Wednesday, June 11, 2008

smiles, embroidery, and happenings

Here's the latest baby top. Unfortunately, the baby moved away, and I don't have a mailing address yet, and am not getting emails back from baby's this may simply be practice. Not sure I love the faces... did them myself as an addition to a sublime stitching pattern, and then was commited because I drew it on the shirt with ball point pen--which never seems to come out when I accidentally draw on my own clothes! So...anyway.

and the rear

I do so love cherries. I want to put that little french knot pair on just about everything I own. So cheery.

Eve decided to make us all super heros the other day. She has a great eye for matching colors. I was wearing pink and got a red cape, since there was no pink tissue paper. But no one was around to photograph me.

And finally, we had a mama otter and two of her children visit our dock the other day. They stayed for more than 20 minutes. She ate an entire, rather large Trout (or possibly Bass, I really couldn't tell) from tail to head, every bit of her, and didn't share with the babies. It was fun to watch them play, and search for scraps around their mom. Then one went potty on our dock, and that really got Eve giggling. Tom wasn't so happy. :) The photos are less than spectacular because the otters are skittish, so we have to be stealthy and definitely stay inside, so these are through windows and railings and taken at quite a distance. But, for documentations sake, here you are: