Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Doin' nothin' for the fun of it

Eve's latest trick is Velcro(tm). She wouldn't let us leave her in the nursery at church this Sunday... she was having a grand ol' time, but would check to make sure Tom or I was there ever few minutes. The one time that I moved and she couldn't find me, she started to cry pitifully. This morning, instead of the usual diving out of my arms into Grandma's, she clung and fussed and grabbed my legs when I finally put her on the floor. Made it extra hard to leave this morning. I took her in for Halloween costume portraits on Sunday, and she wouldn't even stay put for that... she kept getting up and coming to me... and no smiles either. I figure it must be because of the walking... she's figuring out how her and I aren't the same... and that I can leave. Poor tyke.

All right... so I tried the Google trick of searching for "Jenne wants", and I really wasn't going to post it... I was just wasting time... but I couldn't resist... here's the first 5 for your reading pleasure.

1. Jenne wants the judge to lift a 1994 consent decree that called for
ongoing court oversight of Broward jails. Because, come on, the Warden should be king!

2. (This is my favorite) Jenne wants to be buried in a big marble filing cabinet. I don't even think I can add anything to that. It's perfect.

3. jenne. :frown: *wants to give a hug, but doesn't because of the illness* This is totally me... gramophone. Can you see I'm beginning to really dig deep here... On the net, Jenne wants very little... or rather, infrequently.

And then I just page and page and page searching for another instance of Jenne wants... rather than... wants... blah blah blah... Jenne.... And I realize I'm totally dumb! I need to put in "Jenne wants" not Jenne wants... duh.

Other interesting things I found in the search... someone sharing my moniker is the "Webmistress of Clitical.com" Hee. And Sheriff Ken Jenne (the guy who has the issue with court oversight) is popping up on every page of search results. And... there's a Senator Ken Jenne... leading me to wonder if the Sheriff has moved on up.

4. (now that I'm searching for "Jenne wants" (with quotes) things are more fun...)Jenne wants to do 9 things. I want to only have 9 things on my list!

Last, but certainly not least...
5. jenne wants to hop in the shower and then get a little frisky.

I suppose that would be more fun than getting back to work. But, since my search for "Jenne must" turned up about a dozen "Jenne must go!" I guess I must...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Music musings

Well, I'd love to make a music recommendation, but I'm not listening to anything new or edgy these days.

Right now, literally at this very moment, I'm listening to Norah Jones, Lonestar. Awesome song. Awesome artist. I actually consider it a great writing album, now that I know every song by heart. It's got a slightly melancholy feel, which is generally perfect for the heroine in distress (assuming you're not writing anything too adventuresome, then I'd recommend you listen elsewhere.)But, you already know about her, I hope. So you don't need to hear about it. I can't even comment on her newer release, 'cause I haven't bought it yet.

Other than that, I spend a lot of time with Alison Krauss's Forget About It. This album is even older than the Norah one, and Alison's career is not new. This is another good writing album for me, I know it by heart, it's got it's own blue streak, and it conjures images of an emotionally injured heroine picking up the pieces and moving on. I hope I don't need to tell you about her either. She usually performs and records with a band, Union Station. Although they are really awesome in concert, the albums with them haven't impressed me, as a whole. I guess I don't like the decidedly country feel, and the occasional non-Alison vocal leads. However, if that sort of thing appeals to you, you should check them out as well. After all, they had a hand in The Soggy Bottom Boys. What do you mean, George Clooney didn't really sing that?!

I've noticed that Rob Thomas, of Matchbox 20 fame, has a new solo album. I'm very interested in this one, and when I eventually get my grubby hands on the thing, I shall tell you all about it, trust me. In the mean time, let me know if you've heard any of the songs, or own the album yourself. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Maybe next time I'll discuss a few more old favorites. God knows it will be some time before I have enough spare cash to go around risking it on new, possibly mediocre albums.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Even the most silver of clouds have black linings.

My favorite "family" columnist, Megan Cox Gurdon, had her fifth (!!!!...!) child, and is retiring, at least temporarily. Actually, she's the only "family" columnist that I read, so the fact that she's my favorite is probably superfluous.

Anyhoo, when I first began reading her column in 2003, she had a piece every Friday, making the best day of the work week even better. Since she became pregnant with this latest baby, she has pared down to a column every other Friday. And now there will be no more.

I am sad to see her go. Her stories of family adventure remind me of my brothers, and me, in childhood when we coined phrases and terms, and were clever and silly, and innocent and irresponsible. Ah, those were the days.

So, if you're up to it, go check her out. She may not be for everyone.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Music

Okay, so... on the music front, I've discovered something truly unique.

Jason Mraz. He's so unique that I find it quite impossible to really describe him. One thing that makes him stand out from other folk/rock guys is that he's actually got a very good voice. This is the kind of good voice I reveled in in Choir in high school... when I would be thinking "Wow, that boy can sing!" which, you know, sounds kind of... well, I don't think most guys want to be known for their singing voice, at least... not when they have nothing else going for them.

I digress. In addition to the quality of his voice (that I have to say shows some sort of formal training--maybe he was a choir boy!), the instrumentation is entirely surprising. There is a point when he is Rapping... and there's a Banjo playing... it's quite striking. Don't let that line scare you. This is not Rap.

Like I said, I have a hard time even articulating what he's like. But, I do recommend him, quite highly. I think it will add flavor to any collection.

So, go check out his Debut album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, (heh heh) and tell me how you like it. I have yet to really dive in to his newer album, but I'll let you know if it's as striking as his first go 'round when I do.

What would you do-oo-ooh...

for a Klondike bar?

For me, it depends on what else is available.

Anyway. Sorry for the radio silence. Thank you for keeping me in line, X.

So, what's been keeping me away?

Well, not having anything pithy to say, I like to keep my mouth shut. Not to mention, there are certain children in the house who've not been napping. And, work has been extra busy and pressury, so no time there either.

So, soon I expect to be visited, gentle viewers, by Buffy, slayer of the Vampires. Why? Eve bit me--and not on the hand, either. Drew blood, the little stinker. Not well pleased. Tom was quick to call her a creature of the night, and really, I see no evidence to the contrary. Extra pale, doesn't sleep at night... sure, she's little, and she doesn't have a lot of teeth, but how many do you really need?

In other news, Eve is walking! Wow, that's scary. It looks weird too. She's so little! I got video of it... but I'm terrible with video... I can post pictures, but I'm lost with the video camera... maybe someday.