Thursday, October 06, 2005

What would you do-oo-ooh...

for a Klondike bar?

For me, it depends on what else is available.

Anyway. Sorry for the radio silence. Thank you for keeping me in line, X.

So, what's been keeping me away?

Well, not having anything pithy to say, I like to keep my mouth shut. Not to mention, there are certain children in the house who've not been napping. And, work has been extra busy and pressury, so no time there either.

So, soon I expect to be visited, gentle viewers, by Buffy, slayer of the Vampires. Why? Eve bit me--and not on the hand, either. Drew blood, the little stinker. Not well pleased. Tom was quick to call her a creature of the night, and really, I see no evidence to the contrary. Extra pale, doesn't sleep at night... sure, she's little, and she doesn't have a lot of teeth, but how many do you really need?

In other news, Eve is walking! Wow, that's scary. It looks weird too. She's so little! I got video of it... but I'm terrible with video... I can post pictures, but I'm lost with the video camera... maybe someday.