Monday, March 31, 2008

More fabric

For a chance to get some free vintage fabric yardage, comment on my Contest!! post.

Here's some other fabric I snagged for a steal.


It's rayon and feels soooo nice. Lots of it too. I can't decide what to do with it, but considering my sewing machine is still parked on the straps to Eve's backpack that was mostly completed before Christmas, I'm not sure I need to rush to figure it out.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Looks like fabric yardage wins the day, so here's the contest.

Tell me what you would do with this fabric:


I think it's linen, and is somewhat heavy weight.

Comment on this post by Midnight Pacific time next Saturday, one week from today. I'll choose my favorite and announce the winner the following Monday.

The winner will get a yard of this fabric, and possibly a few other goodies from my stash of buttons, fat quarters, and trim.

On your marks, get set, go!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have the best Husband

I have no pictures of the event, but Tom officiated a wedding yesterday. It's the first, and I guess probably only, though who knows? This younger friend and coworker of Tom's asked him, and how can one refuse such a request.

It is also the first wedding Eve has been to since she's been old enough to notice. She loved it, and was talking about her Easter dress being her wedding dress today. Tom did a beautiful job, I was so proud. Eve was quiet and respectful, and I'm proud of her too. Peanut was good while all the guests were seated, but not once the ceremony began I think he didn't like hearing daddy and not being able to see him. Once we stood in the back and he could see Tom, he settled down.

Later, Tom told me he was choked up and having a hard time remaining stoic, as he thought back to our own wedding, and the bride and groom before him got misty-eyed. It warmed my heart considerably, because, of course, I think back to our wedding every time we go to a wedding.

Tom's part in it and the ceremony itself was lovely and short. The cake was a different story. The topper was a bride grabbing the back collar of the quickly departing groom. The face of the miniature bride was determined and angry, and the face of the little groom was frightened and surprised. It made me sad, though I know it was only for fun, to see such a representation of the feelings of the bride and groom themselves. I've never been a fan of those kind of cake toppers anyway, but this was, I think, the worst I've seen. Then, to make matters worse, the groom betrayed the trust of his new wife by smashing a huge piece of cake in her face. She in turn tried her best to retaliate with a smaller piece. Ugh, it was so badly done. Why do people do that?

Tom didn't do that to me on our wedding day, and it made me love him all the more last night as I witnessed that spectacle. When I mentioned this all to Tom, though I think he was pleased to have inspired me to praise him for it, he didn't seem to think it was any great thing.

To turn everything on its head, I think the cake was the best tasting wedding cake I've ever had. It was really delicious.

So, I ask you, am I over-reacting to the cake topper? What do you think of this modern "tradition" of smearing cake in your beloved's face? I feel like it doesn't bode well for the marriage, but maybe I'm mistaken.

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate Christ's resurrection. Part of that celebration includes dying eggs. I know, it's more of a pagan aspect of celebrating spring and new life, but the egg is a part of the Jewish celebration of passover and a classic symbol of the three-in-one God as well, not to mention that it is Easter that gives us new life, so why not celebrate with some fun? Plus, devilled eggs and egg salad are so yummy.

One Lone Easter Egg

This was our first year coloring eggs, and Eve did a great job. I only got a picture of one, because Eve is *that* in to eating them. I'll be honest, they didn't turn out the way I like, and I think next year we'll try some natural dying techniques and brown eggs. This year was just too hectic.

We are off to a family dinner. I hope that today, as many celebrate the essential and defining aspect of Christianity, Christ's resurrection from the death that reconciled us to God, that you, if you celebrate or not, will have a day of Grace and blessing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Poll

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Okay, I finally downloaded some Pics from the camera!

I had great lighting in the house the other day, and Eve was at Grandma's, so it was the perfect time for a photo shoot with Israel. What is it about this age that is so great for pictures? But, he wouldn't cooperate. He kept crawling around, he wouldn't stay put, and he kept moving into the shadows of the room, so only a few shots turned out. But they are awfully cute.



A week and a half ago, Eve got her first haircut. We still couldn't bring ourselves to cut bangs though, so it's not very obvious. She was great for the whole thing, and her lovely aunt Angela did the honors.


A few weeks ago, we had our first sunny, warmish day. It wasn't even spring yet (still isn't, and the weather here is back to normal, cool and wet and cloudy) but it felt like Spring, so I raced outside with the kids, let Eve play in the muddy sand, and let Peanut meet the grass for the first time.

I tried to get a good picture of them together, but Eve just couldn't stay still, and when she did, she couldn't stop with the silly faces. So, you'll have to see them separately.





Peanut had his first banana when he finally got over the flu. Or at least, when he was nearly over it. This is the aftermath.


It sure made him happy, though none actually made it into his mouth.

Here he is doing his calisthenics. This was a week or two before he figured crawling out.


I was feeling guilty clicking away at Peanut exercising while Eve was out of the way, so I ran downstairs and snapped this before she figured out what I was up to. What is it about preschoolers that makes them incapable of just smiling normal for the camera? But this one shot is natural and adorable.


Here's a couple just because of the adorable Peanut.


Aww...he was sick and teething... so his face was leaking from every spot.


Check out Eve's mad drawing skills, and her obvious left handedness.

Kid art

I was kinda bummed she did this on her hand, but then when I realized I could just take a picture, I think I like the idea better than saving paper pictures anyway...because we have hundreds of those.

Yesterday we went to Goodwill to try to find a pair of slacks for Tom to wear to a wedding this weekend (the one he's officiating, I can't wait to share how that goes!), which was a total failure, but I found some beautiful fabric totally cheap, and lots of it. I'm looking forward to sharing that too. In fact, I want to *actually* share it and give some away...even though it will be painful to let even a little of it go. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 17, 2008

In a funk

I just can't seem to motivate myself to do much. Except keep my kitchen clean (yay me!)

I do have one finished onesie languishing in my unfolded pile(s) of clean whites. I really have to get on those baskets of whites, because I'm quite tired of digging through the mounds to find things. An unfolded basket of towels or jeans is pretty easy to dig through, but it's also easy to's those darn whites, littered with a hundred unmatched socks and every other tiny article of clothing in our four wardrobes.

One of the recent babies is moving in a little over a week. I suppose I'll have to mail the onesie, and I haven't even contemplated what I'll do on hers, either. And after These next...6 onesies, I may be retiring, or at least re-thinking my stuff. I can't keep up...soon I'll be embroidering 2T shirts because it will simply take me that long to get around to it. That simply won't do.

A few sweet friends have opened etsy shops with cute things. Please visit.

Check out the cute mini-diaper bags and these adorable purses

Israel is 7 months old now!! I just got around to requesting a birth greeting from the president. And I have an appointment to get portraits on Thursday...I meant to do that when he was 6 months old...but in my defense, he was sick most of the time this last month, and the wonderful portrait studio is gone. He is really quite the crawler now. And likes to pull on things. Today I had to rescue him after he pulled the vacuum cleaner down on himself!! Poor kid. He was just fine though. No harm, no foul.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seriously funny

Check out this hilarious post on airline travel with a baby. Man, I cried I laughed so hard.

I have nothing else good to share. Well, I did get a new job. So right now I'm working two, and will be down to one--hopefully superior--job in a week and a half. But I don't like working, so I can't say I'm over the top about this news. Plus, working two jobs=busy+tired!

Peanut is actually crawling, but it's like the first few days of walking, he still resorts to the army crawl if he needs to avoid tipping or to get somewhere quick. It's pretty funny to watch him make the decision to go to army crawling. He flops.