Monday, March 17, 2008

In a funk

I just can't seem to motivate myself to do much. Except keep my kitchen clean (yay me!)

I do have one finished onesie languishing in my unfolded pile(s) of clean whites. I really have to get on those baskets of whites, because I'm quite tired of digging through the mounds to find things. An unfolded basket of towels or jeans is pretty easy to dig through, but it's also easy to's those darn whites, littered with a hundred unmatched socks and every other tiny article of clothing in our four wardrobes.

One of the recent babies is moving in a little over a week. I suppose I'll have to mail the onesie, and I haven't even contemplated what I'll do on hers, either. And after These next...6 onesies, I may be retiring, or at least re-thinking my stuff. I can't keep up...soon I'll be embroidering 2T shirts because it will simply take me that long to get around to it. That simply won't do.

A few sweet friends have opened etsy shops with cute things. Please visit.

Check out the cute mini-diaper bags and these adorable purses

Israel is 7 months old now!! I just got around to requesting a birth greeting from the president. And I have an appointment to get portraits on Thursday...I meant to do that when he was 6 months old...but in my defense, he was sick most of the time this last month, and the wonderful portrait studio is gone. He is really quite the crawler now. And likes to pull on things. Today I had to rescue him after he pulled the vacuum cleaner down on himself!! Poor kid. He was just fine though. No harm, no foul.