Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate Christ's resurrection. Part of that celebration includes dying eggs. I know, it's more of a pagan aspect of celebrating spring and new life, but the egg is a part of the Jewish celebration of passover and a classic symbol of the three-in-one God as well, not to mention that it is Easter that gives us new life, so why not celebrate with some fun? Plus, devilled eggs and egg salad are so yummy.

One Lone Easter Egg

This was our first year coloring eggs, and Eve did a great job. I only got a picture of one, because Eve is *that* in to eating them. I'll be honest, they didn't turn out the way I like, and I think next year we'll try some natural dying techniques and brown eggs. This year was just too hectic.

We are off to a family dinner. I hope that today, as many celebrate the essential and defining aspect of Christianity, Christ's resurrection from the death that reconciled us to God, that you, if you celebrate or not, will have a day of Grace and blessing.