Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have the best Husband

I have no pictures of the event, but Tom officiated a wedding yesterday. It's the first, and I guess probably only, though who knows? This younger friend and coworker of Tom's asked him, and how can one refuse such a request.

It is also the first wedding Eve has been to since she's been old enough to notice. She loved it, and was talking about her Easter dress being her wedding dress today. Tom did a beautiful job, I was so proud. Eve was quiet and respectful, and I'm proud of her too. Peanut was good while all the guests were seated, but not once the ceremony began I think he didn't like hearing daddy and not being able to see him. Once we stood in the back and he could see Tom, he settled down.

Later, Tom told me he was choked up and having a hard time remaining stoic, as he thought back to our own wedding, and the bride and groom before him got misty-eyed. It warmed my heart considerably, because, of course, I think back to our wedding every time we go to a wedding.

Tom's part in it and the ceremony itself was lovely and short. The cake was a different story. The topper was a bride grabbing the back collar of the quickly departing groom. The face of the miniature bride was determined and angry, and the face of the little groom was frightened and surprised. It made me sad, though I know it was only for fun, to see such a representation of the feelings of the bride and groom themselves. I've never been a fan of those kind of cake toppers anyway, but this was, I think, the worst I've seen. Then, to make matters worse, the groom betrayed the trust of his new wife by smashing a huge piece of cake in her face. She in turn tried her best to retaliate with a smaller piece. Ugh, it was so badly done. Why do people do that?

Tom didn't do that to me on our wedding day, and it made me love him all the more last night as I witnessed that spectacle. When I mentioned this all to Tom, though I think he was pleased to have inspired me to praise him for it, he didn't seem to think it was any great thing.

To turn everything on its head, I think the cake was the best tasting wedding cake I've ever had. It was really delicious.

So, I ask you, am I over-reacting to the cake topper? What do you think of this modern "tradition" of smearing cake in your beloved's face? I feel like it doesn't bode well for the marriage, but maybe I'm mistaken.