Monday, December 31, 2007

And a happy new year

Well, I imagine by the time I get around to those promised pictures, even all *my* Christmas decorations will be repacked for the year.

Last night was the first night in a week that Israel went to bed for the night after only 1 wake up, that Eve went to bed without any wake ups, and that Israel did not get up at 6. Thank goodness, because the secret to my success is that Eve didn't go to sleep until 10, and Israel not until 11. Needless to say, getting to sleep in was a welcome relief, but ill-timed since today is a work day. I was so late that the gal I share a desk with had moved in for the day, expecting me not to come in at all.

This has been a year of high highs and low lows for us.

We welcomed a new and wonderful son, a new and wonderful niece, and a new brother-in-law. We were blessed so much by friends and family, and the mysterious and yet tangible ways in which God provides and loves us. We truly became a part of our new church and feel at home there, and continue to strengthen our friendships, even as we add to them. We received a Christmas card from an old friend I was quite certain had been killed in action (so regular was his correspondence prior to 2006), so I'm delighted to have, in essence, received him back from the dead--and with a wife as well (now I know what was keeping him so busy, or rather who.) In light of the highs, the lows don't really matter so much.

My hopes for 2008 include:
Healing, both emotionally and physically for Tom.
That my son will continue to grow as issue-free as he has so far and as his sister has.
That my daughter will continue to grow more delightful and accomplished, and perhaps just a little more tempered and tractable.
That Tom's side of the family will have no more alarming and devastating health diagnoses, and no deaths either.
That my side of the family will meet with life, health, and success. I wouldn't mind if my brothers' wives turned up expecting either.
That my crafty skills will increase and that I will be able to accomplish a rather ambitious to-do list which I've laid out for myself.
That I might have just a bit of money to spend on myself, and maybe obtain a pair of truly flattering trousers.
That I would love others in such a manner that they would know so and be blessed.
And last, but probably most importantly, that I would increase in love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the third day of Christmas...

I finally have a chance to post.

I hope to someday post pictures and stories of our Advent activities and Christmas parties.

I intend to post an over-full craft post to show you all the fun things I finished just in time, and those that must be gifts for later days of Christmas.

But today, I'll simply wish you the true, deep, everlasting joy of Christmas. The coming of God to earth as a child isn't over when the Christmas trappings go on clearance. His gift is for us whenever we come to recognize it.

I read a beautiful, painful post today that I must share. So go to sweet | Salty, read, and then hold your children with a new sense of appreciation for them, even in the trials. Though I know it's not a direct correlation, I can only imagine that this is akin to the pain of Mary. How sweet to hold your child in your arms, for how ever long you're allowed.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm back at work all of a sudden. :(

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I missed an entire month. But things sure were busy, so I feel I have a good excuse.

Eve turned three. I know, I can't believe it either.


We went round and round about what kind of cake she wanted. First it was pink with pink frosting, but then she got into green with blue territory, and then purple with white...and then brown with brown (which I rejoiced easy? how delicious!), but then daddy suggested a multi-colored cake, and when she saw a can of frosting with rainbow sprinkles, it was all over. I much prefer homemade cakes, and especially homemade icing, but my laziness beat out my tastebuds.

I made her a photo book to put her own photography in, because she'd been snapping quite a few shots with a few disposables we had about...


but then she got a digital from her aunt and uncle. Wow!!


no presents got the adoration they deserved at the party though, as is often the case.

Peanut enjoyed a visit from granny.




And Eve tried out her new camera





For all I know, this was taken in November...and he's been smiling since September...but here's one of the better shots of him smiling.


He was silently laughing at Daddy. He can't smile without his whole body being involved. He wiggles with joy. It's adorable. His laugh is hilarious too...though I'm dirt at taking video, and worse than dirt at posting I'm not sure many of you will ever get the chance to hear it...I'm sorry.

For Halloween, Eve was a beautiful Angel.


A chocolate devouring angel. It's my least favorite costume yet, but my mom wanted to get it for her, and I had too much going on and no access to my sewing machine, so this was it. the "Baa sheep" costume will probably ever be my favorite.

getting pumpkins


decking pumpkins -- boy did she have fun!


Big sister, little brother


One day when Eli came to visit...their expressions here crack me up. This is Eve's awesome hand-me-down learning tower that makes a great little fort for climbing and just hanging out. Especially if your Eli's size.


Bath day

This is pretty late (as in, I'm sure this was in September) but here was a bath day for the kids...all shiny and clean.




Peanut used to really like baths...but lately he's cried through every one. I'm hoping I'm just having poor timing.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mmm...egg nog...with rum...what a nice little treat.

I'd love to post some pictures of some of Eve and Peanut's latest adventures, but someone is playing Halo online so I can't get flickr to work fast enough for my tastes. click on a picture in previous posts to see the latest photos if you just can't wait.

So, instead, I'll talk about what I don't have pictures of. 

I learned to knit.

Know why I learned to embroider? Because Knitting was too popular, and I hate to be a follower. But...everyone I know (only a slight exaggeration) can make totally cool stuff out of nothing but a lot of's so amazing to me, so I just couldn't keep resisting something so cool out of mere pride.

So...the bad thing about this is that I am really enjoying it! No, that's not bad, but since my current embroidery project was started over a year ago, I really would like to have it done by this Christmas. But it's less fun than many of my normal projects. And, it's old. keeps getting older and remains unfinished, while I've moved on from "sampler" knitting squares to a scarf for Eve.

A sweet friend of mine who recently learned to knit started on socks for her son. I'm just not that ambitious. I know a scarf is totally basic, but, Eve needs one, and I know it's an obtainable goal. Of course, when I started it last night, I had to unravel it completely. Three (yes) times. So now I'm taking it a bit slower. 

I'm much too much a perfectionist--which is why I spent my first week knitting ugly yarn into a baby blanket for Eve's dolls (and I had to unravel that once too!) just so I could keep going and not obsess about the mistakes. Yay! That was actually quite freeing, which might be part of the reason I enjoyed it. With the pressure on now, you can see that I'm blogging rather than knitting (rather than embroidering). 

I'm not without ambition though. I intend to sew and embroider three entirely un-begun gifts, and complete two other embroidery projects from last Christmas as well. Last year was the year of the unfinished hand-made gift. It is only December 1st, but this year may shape up much the same way.

As for knitting ambition? I have a book from the library with a skirt in it that has some really pretty lace panels. Unfortunately the instructions might as well be in Swahili for all I can decipher them.