Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mmm...egg nog...with rum...what a nice little treat.

I'd love to post some pictures of some of Eve and Peanut's latest adventures, but someone is playing Halo online so I can't get flickr to work fast enough for my tastes. click on a picture in previous posts to see the latest photos if you just can't wait.

So, instead, I'll talk about what I don't have pictures of. 

I learned to knit.

Know why I learned to embroider? Because Knitting was too popular, and I hate to be a follower. But...everyone I know (only a slight exaggeration) can make totally cool stuff out of nothing but a lot of's so amazing to me, so I just couldn't keep resisting something so cool out of mere pride.

So...the bad thing about this is that I am really enjoying it! No, that's not bad, but since my current embroidery project was started over a year ago, I really would like to have it done by this Christmas. But it's less fun than many of my normal projects. And, it's old. keeps getting older and remains unfinished, while I've moved on from "sampler" knitting squares to a scarf for Eve.

A sweet friend of mine who recently learned to knit started on socks for her son. I'm just not that ambitious. I know a scarf is totally basic, but, Eve needs one, and I know it's an obtainable goal. Of course, when I started it last night, I had to unravel it completely. Three (yes) times. So now I'm taking it a bit slower. 

I'm much too much a perfectionist--which is why I spent my first week knitting ugly yarn into a baby blanket for Eve's dolls (and I had to unravel that once too!) just so I could keep going and not obsess about the mistakes. Yay! That was actually quite freeing, which might be part of the reason I enjoyed it. With the pressure on now, you can see that I'm blogging rather than knitting (rather than embroidering). 

I'm not without ambition though. I intend to sew and embroider three entirely un-begun gifts, and complete two other embroidery projects from last Christmas as well. Last year was the year of the unfinished hand-made gift. It is only December 1st, but this year may shape up much the same way.

As for knitting ambition? I have a book from the library with a skirt in it that has some really pretty lace panels. Unfortunately the instructions might as well be in Swahili for all I can decipher them.