Sunday, December 02, 2007


For all I know, this was taken in November...and he's been smiling since September...but here's one of the better shots of him smiling.


He was silently laughing at Daddy. He can't smile without his whole body being involved. He wiggles with joy. It's adorable. His laugh is hilarious too...though I'm dirt at taking video, and worse than dirt at posting I'm not sure many of you will ever get the chance to hear it...I'm sorry.

For Halloween, Eve was a beautiful Angel.


A chocolate devouring angel. It's my least favorite costume yet, but my mom wanted to get it for her, and I had too much going on and no access to my sewing machine, so this was it. the "Baa sheep" costume will probably ever be my favorite.

getting pumpkins


decking pumpkins -- boy did she have fun!


Big sister, little brother


One day when Eli came to visit...their expressions here crack me up. This is Eve's awesome hand-me-down learning tower that makes a great little fort for climbing and just hanging out. Especially if your Eli's size.