Friday, September 23, 2005

On a somewhat lighter note

Last night I watched the last episode of Buffy. I didn't catch the Buffy thing when it was "live" until the end of season 6. So, since about that time I've been going through the DVD seasons as they've come out. I bought the sets until hitting season 4. Since then I've been loving Netflix. Good thing too, because who would really want to own season 7?

I have lots of problems with the season, but I just want to remind everyone that the nasty ubervamp, all one of him, at the beginning of the season totally kicked Buffy's ass. I mean, she was dog meat. After much labor, she won the day with him... but it still wasn't easy. So, I want to know how that was just completely and totally forgotten when all the slayerettes went down into the hellmouth. I mean... yes, they all became real, honest to goodness slayers, but one ubervamp was a little more than one slayer could chew, way back at the beginning of the season. And now the only reason they didn't win without the crisping of Spike was because there were a lot more ubervamps than slayerettes? Bah.

In other television news. I love Lost. No, the show is not perfect. Really, it's not. There are some wonderfully entertaining places to read about how imperfect it is. This one is great, and so is this one! Thanks to X for that last one. So, we get to have fun making fun of the plot holes, bad hair, and un-lovable "heroes." But, more importantly, it really inspires, in me and my husband at least, meaningless but rousing debate. The show is fun to talk about! In contrast, last night, after we watched Survivor (yawn) and CSI, we didn't have much to say. Except Tom. He's decided that he's had enough of the lack of realism in CSI. Because kids who watch it might want to become forensic scientists because they think they will have jobs like CSI. That is obviously the worst thing that could happen. He has no problem with the lack of realism in Lost. He's got so many facets. ;)

Lost has a lot of the same problems that Season 7 (and 6) of Buffy had. Why am I mad about Buffy and not about Lost? I also have many facets. No, really, it’s because I cared about Buffy. I wanted it to be as great as it once was. Lost on the other hand, I don’t care… it’s just a fun little game, with some lovable characters and some good actors… maybe someday Lost can rise to its potential, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be a fan.

Speaking of Buffy. I still haven’t caught an episode of the new “Bones” show with Angel. But I did catch “How I met your mother” with Willow. Totally disappointed that Willow is straight (yay!) but merely, once again, a side-kick (boo). Doogie Houser cracks me up though, so I may watch the show a second time. Before the very last line of the show, I said to Tom, “So… is the show over? We know how he met their mother.”

“Oh yeah…hmmm.”

After the last line, Tom says, “They can’t do that much longer. I wonder what they’re going to do.” We’ll see if they can keep us interested.

I hope that’s enough TV for you. Now get back to work.