Friday, September 16, 2005

You know...

I've been meaning to make a music recommendation.

Get yourself a copy of the Fountains of Wayne album, Welcome Interstate Managers.

Yes, this is the Fountains of Wayne that is responsible for Stacy's Mom. Hee. But the whole album is quite brilliant. It's got a Fall sort of feeling to it, catchy, singable tunes, but not too sunny. On the other hand, not too heavy either. My favorite aspect of their songs is the feeling that you're listening to the real them. Unlike some posing groups out there, they write songs about the work-a-day world the rest of us live in, rather than making up a life they never had.

Mexican Wine is great, Valley Wintersong is cozy, and Haley's Waitress is soooo exactly what we've all experienced. :) Every song is awesome. There's not a bad apple in the bunch.

When your done with that and ready to change gears, move on to something a little angsty sounding, but still totally beautiful.

Evanescence's Fallen album.

X turned me on to this band quite some time ago. She said, and I agree, that a few of the songs are perfect Vampire romance songs. I have to agree that "Bring me to Life" would be much more appropriate in Underworld than in Daredevil *gag*.

This has eclipsed my tired old Jagged Little Pill as the album of choice for when I'm feeling fighty with Tom and can't actually have a fight with him. LOL.

Plus, it's just gorgeous music. To look at the lead vocalist, you would not believe the powerhouse she is. And her voice is the perfect counterpoint to the dark lyrics and harsh edge in the instrumentals.

Okay, I'm done. Enjoy!