Wednesday, September 14, 2005

29 Pines, or... hell?

The camping trip I spoke of a few weeks ago. It came and went, and was truly as awful (at least) as I thought it would be. I'm never returning to that place. I got stung by yellow jackets, Tom got stung by yellow jackets, and Eve barely escaped. There were no hookups, no running water. Ugh. I am a neurotic hand washer. Not having a place to wash my hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water is near torture for me. I can sacrifice for a good cause, but I don't consider it recreation if I can't wash my darn hands!!

Trying to focus on the positive, I *did* get to see quite a few shooting stars on the drive there, and I got to sleep with Eve, rather than having to get up every few hours to feed or cuddle her. So, I actually slept better than I do at home!

Also, I got to practice my rock stacking, which I find relaxing and rewarding. I can't remember where or when I saw my first rock stack, but I was imediately intrigued. So I decided to try it. I didn't learn from anyone, I just sort of figured it out on my own. My MIL (bless her heart) tells me a dear friend of hers thinks it's satanic (!?!?), but I feel it is an amazing testament to God. He made each stone, and created the forces that allow them to be balanced in a seemingly precarious way atop one another. It's really cool that way.

We took pictures of the two big ones I made. All the others got knocked over rather quickly by my 3 year old nephew. Oh well, such things are temporary, and the fun is more in the creating than in the creation. Maybe I'll get around someday to putting the pictures up somewhere. I'm sure it will be in combination with some adorable Eve pictures. :)