Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Doin' nothin' for the fun of it

Eve's latest trick is Velcro(tm). She wouldn't let us leave her in the nursery at church this Sunday... she was having a grand ol' time, but would check to make sure Tom or I was there ever few minutes. The one time that I moved and she couldn't find me, she started to cry pitifully. This morning, instead of the usual diving out of my arms into Grandma's, she clung and fussed and grabbed my legs when I finally put her on the floor. Made it extra hard to leave this morning. I took her in for Halloween costume portraits on Sunday, and she wouldn't even stay put for that... she kept getting up and coming to me... and no smiles either. I figure it must be because of the walking... she's figuring out how her and I aren't the same... and that I can leave. Poor tyke.

All right... so I tried the Google trick of searching for "Jenne wants", and I really wasn't going to post it... I was just wasting time... but I couldn't resist... here's the first 5 for your reading pleasure.

1. Jenne wants the judge to lift a 1994 consent decree that called for
ongoing court oversight of Broward jails. Because, come on, the Warden should be king!

2. (This is my favorite) Jenne wants to be buried in a big marble filing cabinet. I don't even think I can add anything to that. It's perfect.

3. jenne. :frown: *wants to give a hug, but doesn't because of the illness* This is totally me... gramophone. Can you see I'm beginning to really dig deep here... On the net, Jenne wants very little... or rather, infrequently.

And then I just page and page and page searching for another instance of Jenne wants... rather than... wants... blah blah blah... Jenne.... And I realize I'm totally dumb! I need to put in "Jenne wants" not Jenne wants... duh.

Other interesting things I found in the search... someone sharing my moniker is the "Webmistress of Clitical.com" Hee. And Sheriff Ken Jenne (the guy who has the issue with court oversight) is popping up on every page of search results. And... there's a Senator Ken Jenne... leading me to wonder if the Sheriff has moved on up.

4. (now that I'm searching for "Jenne wants" (with quotes) things are more fun...)Jenne wants to do 9 things. I want to only have 9 things on my list!

Last, but certainly not least...
5. jenne wants to hop in the shower and then get a little frisky.

I suppose that would be more fun than getting back to work. But, since my search for "Jenne must" turned up about a dozen "Jenne must go!" I guess I must...