Wednesday, January 10, 2007

PT update

Well, I'm officially done.

Eve is in diapers. Yay for diapers!

After her late morning bath so we could both relax, I put her in training pants again. She had a few more accidents, but they were less disturbing sans "procedure." However, it seemed silly to continue to try to make her need to go more if it just meant more accidents, so i stopped pushing the drinks. And, after a few more accidents, and continued struggles to get her to even try the potty every 15 minutes, I kinda dropped that as well. We were down to dry pants checks, and since she didn't seem motivated to actually keep her pants dry, this too seemed pointless. And without all that, why bother with big girl pants? So, I put her in pull-ups. Today, my logical and frugal mind wondered why I would continue the pull-ups when they are more expensive and being used just as diapers. So, again, I dropped that. We're back to the way things have always been. I'm fine with that. I think my dear husband will be trying again next time I'm out of the house for a full day on the weekend. Look for further updates at the end of January.

All that said, since my mother-in-law is "so much better at these kinds of things" than I am, it's possible Eve could be trained tomorrow, as I'm going in to my previous employer to talk about the possibility of returning. If I do, Eve could just move in with Grandma and wear big girl pants every day.