Friday, August 01, 2008

The new normal

Hey there blog-land.

been away living life.

Thought I'd update you all on things:

Tom's "condition" is, basically, permanent. There is nothing more that can be done, surgically. Hopefully, now L&I will approve some alternative treatments like Chiropractic. He has early stages of arthritis in his lower back which is probably why he has hip pain.

The doctor said in time (years?) Tom might be able to do some of the activities he used to enjoy.

I can't even express how sad I am for Tom about this. And of course, it's not what I wanted to hear about the situation either. He is constantly in pain, and has somewhat regular bouts of intense sharp pain that last for days. And that is the new normal.

We've been living with it for nearly a year and a half now, so I know we can deal with it. But, we've also had a bit of hope that eventually things would get figured out and he'd be fixed. Now? Not a lot of room for hope. :(

Israel is walking! And he has a few "words" like more and kitty. He's definitely not the little communicator Eve was, but he's such an explorer and so independent. He's still just the sweetest little guy ever. He is a joy and a blessing. I'm so glad he's part of our family.

Eve is coming out of the pit of being three and a half, and is blossoming into the most pleasant almost-four year old. I'm really glad too, I like...liking her! :)

I'm on a crazy diet--again--trying to figure out food allergies. So far, it's still a mystery and I miss cheese, Pizza, cheese, beer and...cheese. If I end up being allergic to will I go on?

I have to make all my own everything. This week I made a yummy and rather time consuming batch of Quinoa apple banana muffins. If I end up having to make this kind of eating a lifestyle, I will have to borrow or buy a food processor--hand grating an apple is just...too much. So...I'm giving it more time. I've lost all my Peanut baby weight the diet has it's benefits. I've got plans to keep going until the 16th of August, taking a day off to gorge on cheese, and then starting an even more strict 28 day elimination/detox diet. That is, if I don't see improvement in my various ailments between now and the 16th. If I do...I may have already had my last hurrah with cheese. :(

I am almost done with another onesie, so I'll have two to show you. Unfortunately, I spend all my time either cooking or cleaning up after cooking, so I've very little time for onesies, and even less for downloading and uploading pictures. :)

I still have one all "inked up" and ready to get started on, and then I have half a dozen more to design, ink, and's harder because my hands hurt so much...I may have to retire if I can't get this thing solved.