Monday, October 06, 2008

The Swallow days

The Swallow days occur for a short period of time--usually 3 days--here at our little lake in late August or early September, when the Swallows, en masse, begin to head South. They take a small holiday from their journey right here, literally at our very house. They snack on bugs and fly around in such large groups as to look like swarms of bugs themselves.

I took some photos of them which don't do their beauty, agility, or sheer numbers justice, but serve to give you a small taste of those things.

In addition to Swallows, this is one of the few times each year we get to see a Falcon close up. This one was, no doubt, waiting for the right opportunity to thin the flock. No better time, certainly.

I can't help but be happy and energetic on these days, as the life and activity of these creatures fills me with joy. I feel so blessed that my home is right in their path.

They serve to remind me, as so much of my life these days, that God is the great provider, and that I ought not be anxious for anything. These birds aren't concerned about tomorrow, they simply take what is given today, and let tomorrow worry over itself.

Eve and I, and even Israel, spent a lot of time gazing out our windows, leaving chores undone in order to enjoy the spectacle of such natural entertainment.

Thank you, Lord, for such pleasures!