Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beware of Safety

Let me keep you up to date on me. I don't feel like blogging today, despite the fact that I have time. Why? Life is less than perfect right now, and all I ever do is complain, right?

Let me just give it to you in bullet points:

*I have two co-workers in this department-to-which-I-am-still-fairly-new that drive me absolutely crazy. They are like children. *And* they are in a "relationship." Could it get any worse? They check each other's work, and they aren't very critical of each other. The guy basically does most of the gal's job, or at least it seems to be so. And they gossip and badmouth everyone behind their backs. Add this to the guy's penchant for desk-flair larceny, and you have the personnel equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard and the smell of burnt pop-corn all rolled into one.

*My mom and dad are not doing well. I think some people may assume that divorce isn't as traumatic on adult children as it is on children children...and maybe that's true. I certainly don't feel it's my fault, as I might have when a child and still believing the world was entirely all about me. But, I still feel like crap. They both frequently talk about thinking maybe they ought to die, and they both bandy about the word "divorce" like it's an article. I hope they get through this, but it seems like they have both given up, assuming they'd be happier apart. If that's true, the rest of us certainly won't be. It's going to make all future family events much messier than they currently are, to say the least.

*Tom and I are doing okay. We have up and down days. It's now been over a year since we've regularly attended church, and I'm tired of it.

*Eve is awesome. Sure, she still has a biting problem, and yes, this past Sunday when we ventured out to church for once, she refused to stay in nursery, and refused to be quiet in the service, so we had to go home early. *But* she's cute as ever, and talking in almost full sentences. She's really quite the communicator.

So, that's the latest. Now for something fun. My little brother is leaving for college--the only one of us to go to university right out of highschool, and hopefully he'll stay too!--tomorrow. The school is only about an hour's drive away, so we'll still see him often. Anyway, I had him over for dinner last night so we could spend a little time with him before he's gone. I made not-so-great sweet-n-sour chicken, and we got to talking about Engrish...which reminded me of If you haven't visited in a while, go there now, there's always something fresh. If this is the first you've heard of, you may want to put your drink down. It's all fun and games until someone sprays piping hot coffee through his nose. I highly recommend the cat smack in the Recent Discoveries section.

Finally, take a look at this hot guy with the cutest girl toddler ever on his shoulders.