Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here's a good, quick read

No, it's not a novel. In fact, for the moment, I'm abstaining from novels. In fact, I'm not doing too much reading these days, period. It's amazing how toddlers suck away all your reading time. :)

But, while I'm pumping at work, I don't let that moment of quiet go by without reading something.

I just finished How Not to Look Fat. What a great book! It's small and short. Danico Lo, the author is funny and frank (and an authority...former plus-sized model). I sound like I'm on her marketing team, but this is just a really cool book.

I picked it up because I have been recently inspired by Crafster to sew some of my own wardrobe. It looks fun and not too tough. But, I don't want to go spending a lot of time and effort making clothes that fit but don't actually flatter. So I started searching for what is flattering, in general and for my body type. This book is just what I was looking for!

So, if you are a gal (sorry guys, it doesn't seem to have any advice for you, but then again, you don't care, do you?) and you would like to look slimmer, without dieting or exercise (or losing weight in any way) check this book out! Now, if you are so thin that looking thinner would cause concern and make people wonder if you're anorexic, don't buy this book. Otherwise, without much effort or money, you could start looking thinner after reading just a few pages! It's pretty cool. :)

So, there you go. Run off and enjoy yourselves.