Friday, January 02, 2009

Kid Gifts

Here are all the gifts I made for the kids this Christmas.

First, the scarf I knit for Eve...last Christmas. I didn't have a crochet hook, so I couldn't put the fringe on. I finally borrowed one this year...I think I still have it. Anyway, it's done, but Eve says it's too scratchy.

My first FO

Here's Eve's tutu shirt, I embroidered an 'E' on the front and then attached a wide gathered length of organza ribbon to the bottom of a long sleeved t-shirt from Target. I sewed a thin ribbon over the raw seam. She loves it and wore it Christmas day. It didn't wash as well as I'd hoped, I thought a ribbon wouldn't fray, but it wasn't really intended for this purpose, so I think a nice colorful zigzag stitch will do.
Eve's Tutu shirt

When I pulled all the Christmas decorations out, Israel fell in love with a square pillow I have. He walked around for days hugging it enthusiastically. He needed his own pillow. I picked up a small decorative pillow at goodwill and covered it in fleece. I machine appliqued a star and an 'I'. I did it quick, and you can tell. He loves it anyway.
to flickr 08 - 61

to flickr 08 - 62

I made a stuffed monkey for my one year old niece, 'melia from this adorable pattern by MmmCrafts. It was fun to make. It was hard, but not so hard that I didn't make another...

'Melia's Molly Monkey, AKA, Monkey number 1

For eve! The differences are subtle, one less type of fabric for the skirt, and slightly more sophisticated shoes, since I wasn't as short on time, and eve is over 3. She's a hit, although she still is unnamed. She was a bit overshadowed because Santa left a new webkinz...sigh.

Molly by the window

Eve's Molly Monkey

Molly's shoes, and Argyle socks

This was israel's big homemade gift, a way cool rocket from the pattern at The Long Thread he really likes it, and I kinda like that the little Israel in the window looks like an old little people figure.

Israel's rocket ship

And finally, I used Israel as the model to make this adorable dress for 'Melia. I used a wonderful tutorial from Kuky Ideas, and a very accomplished seamstress friend wound the elastic thread bobbin for me.
'Melia's dress

Hope you're enjoying 2009 so far!