Thursday, January 03, 2008

Old onesies...

or, "Didn't I already post these?"

Looking through my archives, I'd have to say no.

Well, as per tradition, I once again failed to get a photo of an embroidered onesie I gifted to the last of the late Summer/early Autumn baby batch at church. But, if you can imagine, it was an electric guitar from the Sublime Stitching Stitch it Kit, done in blues, mainly, with a teeny, tiny pair of 16th notes on the bum. The head of the notes were french knots, of which I made judicious use throughout the piece.

And here's the one I made for Peanut! It's a Peanut, and it says Peanut on the bum! Isn't that ironic?



Of this I am quite proud, the peanut image is of my own design. Yay me!

Here is, I must say, the piece d'resistance. The long-sleeved onesie I made for Gillian




Let me just see if I can not go on too long about this one. First, the bird/banner design is courtesy of one of Jenny Hart's books. Can't recall which at the moment. I think, again, it was the stitch it kit. The little wonky heart on the bum is me. Who can't draw a symetrical heart, I ask you? Me, that's who. The text on the arms are an exact replica (as much as can be) of the tatoos Gillian's daddy has on the underside of his forearms.

If you want more details on this shirt, check out my craftster post on it, here.

Here's the one I made for Killian, born a little after Gillian...isn't it cute that they rhyme? Wouldn't that be cool if they married eachother one day? Stranger things could happen.


and the bum detail


Both designs were public use images from the web, printed, and slightly altered when I traced with the iron on transfer pen.

I'm actually a bit sad about this one. The name is in chain stitch in a modern Celtic font, and the trinity knot (I think there's a more official name for it, but I'm not certain what it is) is in heavy chain or double chain. It's a way cool stitch, but I think it might have overwhelmed the light knit t-shirt material. It will probably require ironing whenever it is washed. Plus, the design looks really simple, so the recipient's parents and other viewers may feel it was a simple thing to create, with less thought and work put into it than the Gillian top, which is not at all the case. I also wonder if it's too serious for little Killian, and maybe he would have been better suited to a monkey or a dancing veggie instead. This was much more personal, chosen and made just for him...oh well. It was a blast to make, so I'm trying not to be sad about it.

And last but not least, my new baby niece's shirt. It's long sleeved and pink, but otherwise just a normal onesie.



The bird is from the Sublime Stitching book, and the little sunshine is something I drew myself.

I think it's pretty darn cute. I didn't iron it for the pictures, so that's probably just what it will look like when baby 'melia jane (that's what Eve calls her) wears it.

So there you go, the latest batch of onesies. I have plenty more crafty goodness to share, so stay tuned. And there are two new babies at church, and at least one other gal due this month, so I'll have another bundle to share soon enough.