Wednesday, January 23, 2008

recent movies

Three movies, three genres.

27 Dresses

When was the last time I went to the theater? Forever and ever. But a friend insisted I go out with her to get a break from being super-nurse.

It was a fun and funny movie. Nothing groundbreaking, but since so many romantic comedies can end up being lame, this one deserves a mention of being at least as funny as the trailer. It was predictable, but I mean, when is a romantic comedy not? I can think back to The Princess Bride...and that's about it. (Please feel free to remind me of others if you can think of them.)

A major bonus was Judy Greer, because who doesn't love her? Not me. Love her! I hope someday she gets to be the heroine.

Highlights? Clothes, Jane's wardrobe was adorable and appropriate, and gosh I wish I could look like that even one day a week, let alone each and every day.
The dresses! Want to know what's really funny? I was wishing I could have been in more weddings so I could have access to that much lovely fabric. obsess much?
Lessons in sibling rivalry. This movie re-iterated for me why sister relationships are so darn difficult. And made me wish all the harder, despite the stash of girl clothes I would love to break out again, that I only have boys from here on out.

3:10 to Yuma

Tom kind of had to twist my arm to watch this one. I really wanted, in theory, to watch it, but we had another one waiting, and when given the choice between a movie where you suspect all the people you like are going to die (this is a western, after all), and one that has been compared to The Princess Bride? I ask you! But, he prevailed, and we watched it.

It was really good. I'm glad we watched it. I've liked Christian Bale since Treasure Island, so I'm always glad to see him, and Russell Crowe was really charismatic as the bad guy you couldn't despise.

The highlights? The insight that the best right hand man a captured baddy can have is one that's in love with him.
Characters. This was chock full of really well fleshed-out characters. The guys anyway. The gals didn't get much play, but, well, they weren't slinging guns, so there wasn't a whole lot of room for them.
Integrity. Remember City Slickers and the question about the alien woman, it's like that, only, not silly or sexual, it's a lot more poignant.
This line: "Even bad men love their mama's" Yet another reason to hope I keep having boys. ;)

Don't be surprised if you ask yourself why Wade's gang doesn't seem to "get it" at the end.


Not so much like Princess Bride as I hoped, but you just can't expect for anything to ever be that perfect, you know?

Charlie Cox is a cutie, I hope he gets more parts and doesn't fizzle away. This was definitely a good adventure film, and funny, and quite magical in a rather original way. And I guess in that sense, it is like The Princess Bride. The main characters were quite likable, and the ending was very satisfying.

Tom kept insisting that Clair Danes was Gwyneth Paltrow, and she sure did look and sound like her.

The Highlights?
Robert De Niro as Captain Shakespeare.
The death scenes.
Rupert Everett (really!)
Ricky Gervais

See it, I know you'll enjoy it.