Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So, I sat down to compose this post, all excited to show you my five recently-completed embroidery projects, only to realize that I forgot to photograph the one I completed on Friday.


Well, there is a good chance that I will be able to photograph that one later, so someday you may see it. It was my only little girl shirt, and actually, as lovely as it is, not my favorite. I think in my attempt to make it girly when compared with the other four, I failed to make it also uniquely cute.

Anyway, on with the show!

The first completed shirt is for a little boy whose dad is one of the football coaches at one of the local high schools. I tried to go for a Jersey/Letterman's jacket look. The front is the sport's logo for the school.


And the back.


This is all done in black and orange. The script on the name was hard to create and somewhat hard to stitch...but in real life it looks cool.

This next one is for a little guy born on the same day as Halsey. This was definitely my favorite finished product and my favorite to stitch.





isn't that cute?! I love Sublime Stitching.

Next up, we have Jet(t)'s shirt. Definitely my least favorite, and I think it's merely the lack of lots of color. Jett is by no means my least favorite baby, of course, I just didn't like the finished product of his shirt that much. On the other hand, it took the least time to stitch up, so there's something to that. I only realized a week after I gave the shirt to his mom that I'm quite certain his name is spelled incorrectly. Woops.



Unfortunately, I only had really good lighting available for photos of Eben's shirt. Additionally, even though normally I praise my husband's photography skills, he didn't use the macro setting, so this is as much detail as you'll get for Jett's shirt and the next one.

Ben's! Ben is, I believe, baby number 5 in his family. This is definitely my second fave shirt. I guess I just like a lot of color.



Little Zoe got her name in a lovely curly script in light pink in the upper left corner of the front of her shirt with a small rose (darker pink in the center petals, light pink on the outermost petals and a single green leaf) beside it. On the rear, a larger matching rose in slightly different colors, a little more reddish/orange. Very pretty. Someday I hope to show it to you.