Monday, July 02, 2007


Yes, it's Monday, and I can tell.

Eve has been sleeping terribly for about a week, maybe a bit more. Twice I've woken to her cries for me from her room, and found her wandering in the far corners. I actually wonder if she's sleep walking and then waking up and crying because she's no longer in her bed. Needless to say, this neat-o situation is making it very difficult for Tom and I to get enough sleep.

She had a cold last week, and seems to be over it now, but her behavior isn't quite back to normal yet. Remember the bratty/clingy stage she was in a bit ago. She's back in it again.

I am simply trying to enjoy the end of her being my only child. I want to savor every moment, but at the same time, I'm so tired and so tired of some of the antics, that it's hard not to complain. And then, this morning it took us two hours to leave the house, and I was constantly telling her, no, or wait to requests to play with her, hold her, and sit with her. I don't want to have to say no!

Our financial situation is also very Monday-ish. The last Disability payment Tom got was incorrect, so we had to send the check back, but I forgot to cancel the online payments for some very big bills. I hope they don't try to re-cash the check too soon, because one NSF fee (from the bank and the payee) is really quite enough in my opinion. Why do they charge you more money when you clearly don't have enough to begin with?

Even though it wouldn't have changed anything, I'm feeling guilty about the pizza, Teriyaki, and Lattes of last week.

So, I need a new measure of trust in God, because I don't know when we'll get a replacement, correct disability check, and two weeks until the next payday seems a long long ways out. Especially when we're nearly out of TP. :) Luckily, for once, I don't feel that pressing need for food-stuffs that often indicates distrust creeping into my heart. On the other hand, that's merely because we actually have plenty of food. Yay us! I am supremely bummed that I won't be getting a single Latte for two weeks, but that seems like just punishment for not cooking dinner for my family...even once, this week. *blush*

On top of all this, I woke up sometime this morning with much of my body "asleep" because of laying on my right side or back too long. And now baby is back to head up. I've been slacking too much in the positions and exercises for OFP. In fact, I just caught myself slouching.

So, on the bright side...

Tom has the MRI we've been waiting 2 weeks for scheduled for Thursday. That's great news, because that means sometime next week the docs can tell us if he really does need hip surgery, and if he does, they can submit to L&I for approval. With approximately 5 and a half weeks until my due date, this means he may actually get to have surgery (and recover, mostly) before the baby comes. I hate to wish upon myself the full 40 weeks (or, *shudder* over 40 weeks), but I could really use a husband in fine physical health for labor support. And maybe it will work out to allowing him to be recovered enough to help me, but not enough to be back at work, so I could have his company and assistance when the baby is new, not to mention how much Eve will like that, or how nice it will be if he can bond with the baby more than just in the evenings, when he's exhausted and in pain.

We have plenty of food.

We had a great party at our house last night, one that will be somewhat repeated every Sunday night for the rest of July and August (although, depending on baby, and I suppose on Tom's surgery, there may be some interruptions) It was fun and well-attended, and everyone helped out tremendously. The food everyone brought was awesome, and Tom learned that grilling chicken thighs to actual doneness when they are partially frozen is not something he wants to try again. Eve had a total blast, and only needed to be disciplined a handful of times. Of course, she also has a dozen new cuts and bruises, and seems none the worse for wear.

One of my sweet friends gave me a lovely bouquet and an adorable little painted vase. I was to touched! I need to take a picture of it so I can always remember the sweet gift and how beautiful it is!

Even though (non)cooperation from the babysitters seemed bent on destroying any cleaning ambitions I had for the weekend, I managed to actually clean the cat litter box (with soap and water and it's almost as good as the day we bought it now!), mop the kitchen , clean the downstairs bathroom, *and* do all the usual maintenance cleaning and laundry washing that needed to be done. I'm definitely feeling the "nesting" instinct, as I want everything to be REALLY clean, not just mostly-so and tidy. Logically, I figure if I can get everything spotless and shiny, it will be easier to maintain. I also got all of Peanut's clothes and baby items cataloged--so I know what I have and what I need now. I'm wiped out, but it's a good wiped out.

I have a serger lined up to borrow, with means I can make some really light weight, cotton gauze swaddling blankets for the babe, and maybe (depending on cash flow, of course) a gauze wrap to wear the baby in. And i can finish the edges of a knit wrap (or two) I already own.

Before the great disability check debacle, there was an awesome sale at the fabric store and I got everything (fabric-wise) I need to make some perfect light-blocking curtains for Eve's room. I'm not sure what style they will be yet, but given that my time is limited, I think I'll go with simple. Maybe someday I can buy or make Roman shades, but until then, this project will be a huge improvement on the sheets and table clothes. Now I just need to get Tom to pull my sewing table and machine out of the dark recesses and some place I can actually use it.

I finished all the onesies (Post upcoming) for the 5 babies born in April/May at church. Yay! Now I'm finishing a skirt detail that I started for Eve last summer. Good thing I bought a 3T!! Next up, a onesie for Peanut, and another for Baby H, due in August as well. Oh yeah, and one for Paxon as well, who, being with us in the outside world, will probably be first (after the skirt. must. finish. skirt.)

I finished reading a book on creating a birth plan, and now feel I can go into this birth plan writing stuff with a bit more info than last time around. Now finishing up (half way through) Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. Very interesting read. I hope to be all done soon, but I will begin my draft birth plan this week so I can have a good working copy to take to my next doc appointment. I think I need to do the pre-registration stuff at the hospital soon too, so I'll need it basically complete by then. I've also devised a plan to not embitter the L&D nurses with my odd desires to buck the system, by bringing along goodies (mostly chocolate) and getting them on my side before I have to put my foot down about things.

Eve and I really had a lovely morning together on Saturday, before the babysitting that almost wasn't. We read books, with several look-throughs of her baby scrap book. we played with her toys. She felt the baby "move" (he wasn't really moving at the time, but she gently pushed on my tummy and imagined he was moving). We snuggled in my bed after she put one of her babies there for a nap. She played with my hair and stared sweetly at me. She wasn't going to take a nap, which is what usually happens in the day time when we lay down and she plays with my hair. It was so precious to look into her beautiful dark eyes and stare at her lovely translucent skin. She said and did such sweet things, and laughed and smiled a great deal. I want more of those moments.

Last, but certainly not least, a friend has offered to loan me her mini-co-sleeper, which means I no longer need a bed for Peanut!! Totally awesome.

And by now, after cataloging all the good things (and I'm sure I haven't put them all down) I'm feeling much better.