Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pictures of recent things

Not much to say about these, since the events have already been mentioned, but thought I'd share a few shots with you.

Here are the only pictures we got of the 4th of July. Sadly, my batteries died early on, and I was too injured to want to make a special trip to the house for new ones.


From left to right we have Eve, Grandma, Olivia, Cousin Anne, Cousin Chase, Tosha (the cousins' mom) and Cousin Levi (Cousin Anne's twin brother). We all thought it was adorable the way Olivia just claimed Grandma as hers too.


Earlier, Tosha had ill-advised fun with a Roman Candle. We had tons of them. I'm sure that everyone's hands went riiiiight over the warning not to hold the candle. I'm sure the Engstrom family will persist in this dangerous activity until something drastic occurs to prove the reason for the warnings on the label.


I'm not absolutely sure, since Tom took this shot, but I think that's Tim, the Cousins' dad, helping his nearly 4 year old son to hold a roman candle in his bare hands. Cool, huh?

I had a hard time letting Eve hold a Morning Glory sparkler.

And here are some shots of that really wonderful bouquet that my friend Tanna gave me. Isn't it pretty?!



Keep in mind, this is a day and a half after I received it, thus the slight agedness of the flowers.


Hope you are all having a great day!