Monday, July 30, 2007

Another onesie

Here's the latest baby gift I embroidered.



Paxon's daddy is a musician.

I'm pretty proud of my speed on this one. I got the pattern on the fabric on a Tuesday night, but didn't start stitching until the next day. I was done by Friday night, and I really didn't sacrifice to get it done, no special stitching sessions or ignoring my daughter or anything like that.

I wrote out the name (short for Paxon) by hand with a washable marker from Eve's stash. Our printer died a sad and sudden death. I think it may be a bit too widely spaced, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it, especially considering I have fairly poor handwriting abilities.

There's a bit of puckering, which I'm sad about, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem. There are also a few stitches that are less than stellar. Eve has been helping me embroider lately, and somehow, I can't really figure out how, it does seem to have an effect on the stitches, even though I place the needle and can easily loosen too-tight stitches. I look forward to when Eve is old enough to try doing something like this all on her own. And until then, I pine away for lacing cards.