Monday, July 30, 2007

Eve and things...

My dad wanted a picture of me in my hugeness. I'm not sharing the picture here (though the brave and curious will find an overexposed shot of us on flickr) because it was incredibly unflattering and didn't turn out very well otherwise. But, it did prompt me to download the pics waiting on the camera, just to make sure the pictures were somewhat like what my dad wanted.

I think I'll try a re-shoot sometime this week.

Here are the other pics.

This is Eve wearing a little baby doll in her new sling.


and here she is laughing and pointing at the cat.


She insisted I take a picture of the kitty.


Everyone is always so complimentary of the kitty's appearance. She is a very pretty cat. She is also very mean. A wonderfully generous group of gals from church arranged and participated in a cleaning party at my house on Friday. I was so blessed to have them, and really, so much was accomplished I was blown away. How does that relate to the cat? She attacked and chased my friend Kim several times when Kim was working on the downstairs bathroom. Kim is doing birth coaching for Peanut's birth. I can't believe my cat would be so rude!